My name is Frank Bierings and I live and work on Bonaire.
One of my hobby's is birding and taking photo's.
That's why I'm trying to make this site so other people can hopefully have some fun. I'm collecting as much info as I can but I'm not a Biologist so if I made mistakes please let me know. You can also follow us on Facebook look for Bonaire Birding

If I don't have pictures of my own yet I use some photo's from This is a great website if you want more info on the birds. If I used your photo and you want it to be removed just send me a e-mail. Also I used info from the annotated checklist of birds of Bonaire Made by Jerry Ligon

If you want to know more about me please go to my company website where you can find all kinds of other bonaire pictures.

Greetings Frank Bierings
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